Weston Electrical Solutions

About Us

Why Weston Electrical Solutions is the right company for the job


Weston Electrical Solutions is a locally owned and operated Edmonton company, with a primary focus being the satisfaction of our clients and customers. We always strive to offer fair and competitive pricing while being punctual, reliable and dependable. 

At Weston Electrical Solutions, we are sure to always communicate our timelines and pricing clearly, and we always work to answer any and all questions that our customer might have. 

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Our Values

Client Satisfaction

One of our values at Weston Electrical Solutions is that our clients come out of a project satisfied and happy with a job well done.

Open Communication

We will work to ensure that all of your questions are answered and concerns are addressed, and always communicate timelines and fees.


With over 12 years in the business, Weston Electrical Solutions values the safety of all employees, customers and bystanders.


Weston Electrical Solutions is a small company located and owned close to home. We truly believe that going above and beyond is essential in the business world. Whether this means putting in additional hours on a project, or changing plans at the last minute to ensure customer satisfaction, this is what we do. 

The job is not complete until you are satisfied!

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